The benefits of BREEAM

The benefits of BREEAM

There are tools available to us to help meet our own aspirational targets and ensure our buildings are properly accredited to approved 'measurable' standards. For instance, the long awaited BREEAM non-domestic refurbishment scheme was published in October 2014. This new tool assesses the environmental impact of refurbishing or fitting out

The cost of green construction

the additional cost to upgrade from Very Good to Excellent may be in the region of 2% to 5%

The construction industry, like most business sectors, is continuously improving standards, so a building which only meets the minimum statutory requirements today would be considerably more environmentally friendly than an equivalent building built 10 or 20 years ago. Andrew Smith reports...   As statutory minimum standards, best practice and industry standards continue

Sustainable construction – the road ahead

The road ahead for sustainable construction

Sustainability is an issue of increasing importance for all of us and the creation and maintainance of sustainable buildings has never been so important to construction industry professionals right across the spectrum. Building owners and occupiers too demand an ever more stringent eco-footprint from the spaces they own, rent or