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Staveley Passive House 2

In comparison our last wide cavity wall masonry Passivhaus project in Cumbria for two affordable passive houses finished 4 months late due to bad weather delays and struggled to achieve the required 0.6 air tightness results with a wet plaster approach.  So from a range of experiences in terms of quality control and time certainty we are leaning towards timber frame as a quality assured route to Passivhaus certification delivery. We are currently working on our first single block work leaf with external wall insulation Passivhaus in Chester so that may put the cat amongst the pigeons and knock timber frame off its perch ?


The Staveley Passivhaus is an appropriate and high quality/good value development that provides a possible model for the way our new homes may need to operate within a low-carbon society and show a route whereby we can live our individual lives in a more sustainable way.

Authors: Andrew Yeats and Vincent Fierkens of Eco Arc Architects
(With input from Alan Clarke on the Passivhaus standard article text)

Co-author, Vincent Fierkins is a Netherlands born architectural designer. Motivated in particular by an interest in the social dimension of the built environment he studied at the Canterbury School of Architecture. Having worked for a number of mainstream practices in the south-east for over a decade Vincent gladly accepted the opportunity in 2008 to join EcoArc in Cumbria. He works closely with Andrew Yeats in delivering EcoArc’s wonderful and highly sustainable range of domestic and community-focussed projects including Lancaster Co-Housing and the numerous Passive Houses that have followed since.



Project details/contributors

Architects: Andrew Yeats and Vincent Fierkens of Eco Arc Architects.
Passivhaus consultant: Passivate
Local Contractors: Sam Nelson and Jim Crawford
Timber frame: MBC Timber Frame
Civil and structural engineering: Peter de Lacy Staunton
Cellulose insulation: Warmcel
Glass wool insulation: Knauf
Quantity surveyors: Bushell Raven
Mechanical contractor: Nick Dent
Electrical contractor: Phillip Townson
Airtightness testing: Paul Jennings
Additional wall insulation: Kingspan
Airtightness products: Siga  and Ecological Building Systems
Windows and doors: Ecohaus Internorm
MVHR: Paul via Green Building Store
Solar thermal collectors: Consolar
Solar PV: Lakes Renewables
Thermal store: Akvaterm
Cladding: Marley Eternit
Concrete block: Aggregate Industries

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